Rescue season set to be busy - 20th October 2004
The National Seal Sanctuary at Gweek has a full hospital of grey seal pups.

"This season has begun in earnest, with pups coming in from all over Cornwall since the end of September." said Dr Glenn Boyle.

All the pups we have rescued so far have been very young, the oldest being about 5 weeks and the youngest at just 4 days old. Visitors to the hospital, through a special mirror, can view all five pups in the SOS hospital.

The Animal Care Team at the Sanctuary has been kept on their toes over the last few weeks, with new patients arriving at the hospital every few days; some have needed feeds around the clock, which is very exhausting for the team.

So far this year, malnutrition and puncture wounds to flippers have been the most common types of injury.

"Puncture wounds to pups can be caused by other seals when pups go looking for food, and Malnutrition is more then likely and from early abandonment by mothers."

Every seal that is rescued by the Sanctuary is given a name so they can be identified; this year´s theme is rivers from around the British Isles.

"We choose a different theme every year, and we have to be able to find at least 30 names to cover all the pups expected in. After 45 years of rescue work, it is hard to find a theme we haven´t used!" added Glenn.