SNOUT was rescued on 24th September 2000
Snout was rescued on the 24th September 2000 from Porthmeor beach, St Ives. He had been spotted by a member of the public, who was concerned about his size and notified the Seal Sanctuary.

Once at the hospital we were able to weigh Snout and found that he weighed 11.5 kgs. As birth weight for grey seal pups is 13 - 14 kgs, we knew that at 5 weeks of age he was very malnourished as he should be around 40 kgs. He is receiving fluid therapy, this is an essential treatment for all malnourished pups as it is vital for rehydration.
Snout in our Hospital
A clinical assessment also found that Snout has superficial bite wounds all over his body, probably inflicted by another seal. A high body temperature may indicate an infection, but we are awaiting blood results to confirm this. He has been put onto a course of antibiotics and an anti inflammatory. Snout is lively and also very vocal!! He has already eaten his first fish.
Update: 21st September 2008 - Snout has been seen by Sue Sayer at the local haul-out along the North Coast of Cornwall on 2nd April 2006, 3rd March 2007, 29th October 2007 and 10th September 2008.

This photo (right) of Snout was taken on 3rd March 2007 by Sue Sayer a member of the Cornwall Seal Group.
Photo Snout was taken on 3rd March 2007 by Sue Sayer