Seals released back to the wild in March 2010

Things have been a little hectic at the Sanctuary over the last few weeks. We have been releasing seals that were ready to go and preparing for Easter and the new arrival of penguins.

Our first release to tell you about happened on the 2nd March 2010 at Gwithian, Ginny, Dolores and Stinkweed, who were the last three pups in the Pup Rehabilitation pool.

We were hoping that this would be a very easy release, straight out the trailer and into the water, unfortunately these pups had other ideas and on the beach headed for the stream.

Stinkweed and Ginny got caught in the fast flowing stream and were quickly taken out into the sea. Dolores put up a bit more of a fight and started to swim up the stream having so much fun where she was, that she didnít want to leave. Dolores having fun swim against the current got a little close to the fast flowing water and like the other two was quickly swimming in to the sea. Waiting just a little way out was Ginny, and both swam off and round the point together.
Release on 2nd March 2010
On the 5th March 2010, we had three more pups from the Convalescent Pool ready to go, they were SMRU, Beedle and Hooch, for these pups especially SMRU who had been rescued just a short distance away from Gunwalloe, were all released on the beach early that morning.
On the 8th March 2010, it was back to Gwithian again to release another five pups. They were Ollivander, Fawkes, Peeves, Winky and Rowena. Luckily this release went a little better then the last one, but there was a little reluctance from Ollivander but after a little bit of encouragement from our Animal Care Team, Ollivander headed down the beach and into the water.
Release on 8th March 2010

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