Seals released back to the wild in May 2011
The National Seal Sanctuary has finally released all it´s pups from this winter´s rescue season apart from one little Pumpkin who is still here at the Sanctuary.

The last pups to go all went within a few days of each other as we had good weather. On the 12th May 2011 it was a trip to Church Cove a few minutes drive from the Sanctuary to release Dory, Smithy and Wall-E. Nigel was due to go that morning but over night had moved from the convalescent pool which was being drained to a nursery pool which meant we could not catch him up. The following day we caught Nigel and it was a quick drive to Church Cove to release him.
Pup released at Porthtowan Above: Pup released at Porthtowan
Nigel released at Church Cove Above: Nigel released at Church Cove
On Monday 16th May 2011 it was a trip to Gwithian to release the next lot this included Manny (No. 38), Lightning McQueen (No. 39), Bullseye, and Gruffalo, all four seals headed for the water and it was back to the Sanctuary to prepare for the day ahead.

On Tuesday 17th May 2011 are last remaining pups fit and healthy and ready for release were loaded early and headed out to Porthtowan, these included Flo, Gypsy, Dot and Coral once again all went with out a hitch which just left one back at the Sanctuary.

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