Seal pup on side of pool The seal pups continue to improve in the outside pools, learning as they go that they have to swim fast and fight for their food.

The pups will soon be at the required weight for release, healthy and strong, able to survive in the coast around Cornwall.
The pool is drained so that the pups are easier to catch.

The Sanctuary staff had made sure that the seals have remained wild animals, so it is not an easy job to get them into the pens.
Pups in drained pool
Pup going into cage The staff need to use boards to protect themselves from the seals sharp teeth, as they finally get them into the pens.

The pups are weighed to check that they have reached the minimum release weight of 50kg, and their identification tags are checked, so we can keep a record of who has been released.
Between two and six pups are released at a time, as near as possible to where they were rescued.

Ideal releases are in the early morning, when the beaches are quiet and the sea is calm.
Pup on beach
Pup swims off Often seals are confused and need gentle coaxing down to the waters edge.

Some will play in the surf, while others swim off immediately into the distance.
As the pups are released, we can once again say that our aims have been achieved:-

Rescue......Rehabilitation......and......Release !!

You will find information about pups released in each years rescue page.

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