Digory, Fenna, Jenga, Nessa, Pasco and Scrabble

On the morning of 27th February 2008 members of the Animal Care Team loaded up the trailer with six seals and headed down to Gwithian to release Digory, Fenna, Jenga, Nessa, Pasco and Scrabble back into the wild. There was lots of excitement as we made the journey to the beach, with all the seals trying to get the best view of the countryside in the trailer.
Claire and Dan helping a seal pup towards the sea - Photo was taken by Simon BoneOn the beach the ramp was let down and Nessa was first out followed by Fenna, Scrabble and Jenga. Pasco and Digory were a little reluctant to do so and refused to get out the trailer. Digory with a little encouragement followed the others and Pasco preferred to hang back and do it himself. Seals being released back into the wild with Rachael and Claire in the background - Photo was taken by Simon Bone
In the end the Animal Care Team had to use a little encouragement with the herd boards, and final got his flippers wet. Six down and another twenty to go.

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