Imogen, Torin, Hannibal and Davy

On Wednesday morning (25th of June 2008) we weighed the seal pups in the convalescent pool to see if there was anymore ready to be returned to the wild.

We had four that were ready and decided to take them down to Church Cove to release them. Ready for release were Imogen, Torin, Hannibal and Davy.
All head out!
Where is the water We had a 10am high tide and so loaded them up and set off for the beach.

At the beach the waves were a little higher then expected but the pups seem very keen to get on the beach.
As the trailer was lowered, the pups were ready to go and didn´t look back. A little rough
First wave We thought they all might have difficulty with the waves having not been used to them for a few months but these pups seemed to remember and headed under the waves to get pass the breakers before popping their heads up to have a good look around.

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