Staff from the Sanctuary released six seals back to the wild on Tuesday 22nd March 2011. We were certain of four pups ready plus one at over 50 kilos.

Pups ready to go were Francis, Billy, Poppy, Ugg and Teddy, but pup number six was possible not going but would be decided on Tuesday morning after the final weigh in.

Luckily Guido had archived the each kilos and was off to Porthtowan with the other five pups.
Back to the wild
Back to the wild At 8am the team and seals arrived on the beach and the trailer back was lowered.

All five Seal Sanctuary´s rescued pups after a little bit of dithering, headed to the waters edge and it was the RSPCA´s pup Ugg that was last to follow the gang.

This now leaves the Sanctuary with 23 pups, and hopefully another release in a few weeks time.
As with all the pups at the Sanctuary, the rescued seals get tagged on their rear flippers, back left for little boys and back right for little girls.

If you do spot a seal over the next few months, check it´s rear flipper for a tag number.

If you do spot one we need to know the colour of the tag, the number and the location of where the pup was seen, please call 01326 221361 or email us at, this will help towards the National Seal Sanctuary´s Post Monitoring Release Programme.
Back to the wild

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