Five return to the wild!

With five pups ready to go it was time to start our releases, so on Friday 22nd January 2010, we headed down to Hayle beach. We had three RSPCA pup, Mezerow, Deadly Nightshade, and Woundwort together with Scabbers and Skeeter.

As predicted our pups were off into the open sea, where as the RSPCA pups dithered a little on the beach before heading into the water. We were joined on this release by a film crew who are making a programme for ‘Sky’ which is to be aired in May, keep checking the updates for a confirmed date.

These photos were taken by Craig Hardman (site assistant at the National Seal Sanctuary).
Release photos on 22nd January 2010 at Gwithian taken by Craig Hardman

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