Peter Pan and Zebedee
Peter Pan Peter Pan and Zebedee looking healthy and ready for release. Zebedee
Moving Peter Pan Once the pool had been drained, we started to round up the pups we had chosen for the release. We have to use boards to move the pups as they are now strong and healthy with very sharp teeth. Fraggle, Florence and Peter Pan had been picked to be released on the Lizard, as we like to release them near to where they were rescued.

Zebedee had formed such an attachment to Peter Pan that we took her as well. With all the pups loaded into the trailer we headed for Porthallow.
We opened the back of the trailer, but the pups were reluctant to leave, Peter started to lead the way with Zebedee looking on. It is always a wonderful experience to see pups which had been rescued, malnourished and injured, move down the beach looking fit and healthy.

Florence when rescued had badly infected and gangrenous back flippers, and we did not think she was going to make it through to release.
Peter Pan and Zebedee come out of trailor
Florence on beach But now Florence heads for the sea, her back flippers, now missing a digit from each one, are strong and she heads for the sea looking fat and healthy. Peter Pan and Zebedee head for the sea, still together, ready for new adventures around the Cornish coast. Peter Pan and Zebedee head for the sea !