On Wednesday 10th of December 2008 we managed to do our first official release of the season. As you may know we would normally do this early sping or in past years we have done some in January as we had 3 pups up to weight they included Chomp rescued by us, and Shawn and Rupert rescued by the RSPCA, we decided to send them home for Christmas.

It was an early start in the dark on Wednesday morning to load up these three. Rupert was the most trouble as he refused to get in to the cage, but after a little persuasion we managed to get him and the other loaded in to the trailer and we headed to Gwithian to the release site. Here we met the local press and the trailer was put in to position next to the waters edge. The trailer came down and Chomp was first out and heading to water, followed closely by Shawn, due to Rupert´s weight he took a little longer to get down the beach.
Everyone gathered around the sanctuary's land rover - Photo was taken by Simon BoneShawn telling Rupert to hurry up!Chomp and Shawn on the off!
All three! Rupert Rupert

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