Release of Pebbles, Dory, Taz, Baloo and Lilo
All keen to go - photo was taken by Rachael VineThe Animal Care Team did a marine call over the weekend and as the weather and sea conditions were good, we decided to try and release the fattiest seals in the Convalescence Pool.First Over - photo was taken by Rachael Vine
Taz back into the trailer -  photo was taken by Rachael Vine First in the cage was Pilchard, who despite looking fat was under release weight. Next was Lilo, after being caged, she was weighed and came in at over 40 kilos, so in to the trailer she went. Next was Baloo weighing in at 43 kilos, Dory weighing in at 48 kilos, Taz weighing in at 58 kilos and last but not least Pebbles weighing in at 46 kilos. Once they were all loaded into the trailer, it was a short drive to Porthtowan for releasing on Monday 12th March 2007.
We arrived at the beach, and with the tide now reaching its max, it was time to say goodbye to these five seals. All came out of the trailer at the same time, and headed to the water, this release couldn´t have gone better, until Taz changed his mind and got back into the trailer. The others tried to encourage him to head down the beach, but he was having none of it. After seeing the other disappearing, and playing in the surf, nothing was going to hold Taz back, and he soon joined the other, in the wide open sea.Taz last to go -  photo was taken by Rachael Vine

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