Last Three Leave Sanctuary

Monday morning (8th June 2009) saw the last three grey seal rescue pups receiving rehabilitation at the Sanctuary released. Custard Cream, Evie and Harley, who was only rescued at the beginning of March this year, head off from Porthtowan.

This release which was scheduled for a few weeks ago had to be delayed because Evie had not reached her target weight. We had to wait for Evie, as she had been inseparable from Custard Cream at the Sanctuary during their rehabilitation. We had one incident where Evie managed to get herself stuck in the nursery pool during cleaning and Custard Cream refused to leave her until the pool was filled, and he could get to her. So we had decided that they should go together.

At the release site, things changed and Custard Cream headed quickly down the beach with Harley leaving Evie all alone on the beach. It took Evie another twenty minutes before she headed out to open water and went in the opposite direction to Custard Cream. A few minutes later a large cheer could be heard on the beach as Sanctuary staff spotted Custard Cream surface from below the water and head over to Evie, where both them and Sanctuary were over joyed at the reunion.
Last Three Leave Sanctuary Last Three Leave Sanctuary Last Three Leave Sanctuary

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