Seal Release - 6th February 2008
Seals being released back into the wildMina, Kitto, Hocken and Twister were all awoken early on Wednesday morning (6th February 2008) with lots of noise. The entire Animal Care Team arrived at 6am to do our first release of the 2007/08 rescue season. Floods lights were put in place and turned on, the pool was drained and 20 minutes later we were ready to start chasing seals around the bottom of the convalescent pool.
First was 'Mina' weighing in at 55 kilos, she was one of the heaviest in this pool, and into the trailer. Next it was Kitto heavier then Mina, he was weighing at 57 kilos. Closely followed by Hocken at another 50 kilos and over; then Digory who was only just 40 kilos and so was returned to the pool. Twister was chased around the pool caught and taken to the scales. Over 50 kilos she was transferred to the back of the trailer for the short journey to Gwithian.Seals being released back into the wild
Seals being released back into the wild At the beach we were greeted by Hocken's rescuers and Kitto's sponsor (very privileged to be asked to join the release party). With the high tide at 5am, we had to take the trailer and land rover on to the beach and get as close to the tide line as possible. With expert driving, Clare positioned the trailer perfect and the ramp came down.
Mina, Twister, Hocken and Kitto were a little scared to start with but the ocean was too much and they headed out. While Mina, Twister and Hocken all stuck together, Kitto seemed a little reluctant to go off with them and turned around a few times in the hope of returning to the trailer. But when the water touched his flippers', there was no stopping him, there was a brief look at all the people who had come to wave him off before he disappeared under the waves. Hopefully we will receive news of their whereabouts very soon. Seals being released back into the wild
Seals being released back into the wild Click here to watch a short video of the seal release; this was filmed by Bernard Gendall.

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