Red was rescued 10th October 2004

On the afternoon of Sunday 10th October, the National Seal Sanctuary received a call about a grey seal pup on Hayle beach. Marianne Fellows, a member of the Animal Care Team at the Sanctuary, alerted BDMLR West Cornwall Coordinators Tim Bain and Dave Jarvis to it and they went to the site with Medics Lesley Jarvis and Sue Sayer.

The pup was located and assessed. It was malnourished and dehydrated; in fact its eyes were covered with sand, which were not being flushed with water. The Medics washed the sand out of its eyes, and it was noticed that the left eye was not in good condition. There was no sign of any other seals in the area, and the whitecoat pup, just beginning its moult, appeared to have no intention of going back into the water and kept moving further up the beach.

Marianne was updated on the pup´s condition and it was quickly decided to bring the pup in for treatment. Tim jumped the pup, and with Dave's help manoeuvred it into a cage. From there, it was taken in relays by the Medics up to Dave's car, whereupon it was transported to the Seal Sanctuary.

Once at the Sanctuary Marianne and Tim carried out the clinical assessment, and it was found that the female pup, now named ´Red´ (due to the proximity of the Red River to the location of the pup), had a small puncture wound to its left eye, and also a few cuts and grazes.

The pup is now being held in an isolation pen, where she is being tube fed fluids and receiving treatment for her other injuries.

This rescue comes a week after the North Cornwall BDMLR group, led by Coordinator Bob Bulgin, rescued a grey seal pup from a public beach at Port Gaverne, near Port Isaac, after keeping watch on it for 24 hours, which was then transported to the National Seal Sanctuary.

Medic Dan Jarvis
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
West Cornwall