RED - Rescued 10th October 2004

Red - photo by Dan Jarvis Red (named Red due to the proximity of the Red River to the pup) was rescued from Gwithian beach by BDMLR, she was about 2.5 weeks old and weighed 14kg. Red was malnourished, with a few wounds on her body and a snotty nose. After a week of treatment with antibiotics and painkillers, Red is progressing well, wounds have already healed and the cold is almost gone. She now needs to put on some weight which should not take long as she is feeding herself.  
Update: 29th October 2004 - Red has been moved to nursery pool 1, after making to much noise in the hospital. Nicknamed ´Houdini´ by the Animal Care Team, Red was found this morning in nursery pool 2, poor snoopy must have had the shock of her life. Red had managed to squeeze himself under the gate to join snoopy who was keeping as far away from Red as possible!

Update: February 2005 - Red was released back into the wild along with Eden and Frome in February 2005.