Birthday weekend at the Seal Sanctuary!

The weekend of the 27th is a special one here at the Sanctuary this month, with two of our residents celebrating their birthdays!

Sunshine the sea lion, fondly known as Sunny (photo right) by the team, joined us in April last year.

Sunny will be celebrating his 2nd birthday on Saturday 27th June. Sunny initially came to the sanctuary as the perfect playmate for André the Californian Sea Lion, and since moving in together the two of them have become the best of friends.
Andre The pair are often spotted swimming around the pool together and as predicted by Tamara Cooper, head of Animal Care, the two have become inseparable.

According to Tamara "Sunny is progressing really well with his training here at the sanctuary, and as a character he has become a lot less shy since being in the pool with André".

(photo left - André)
The second birthday boy is Bo the common seal, who was born here at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary on 29th June.

Bo´s birth came as a real surprise, as his father "Babyface" is thought to be the oldest common seal in captivity at the age of 36!

Bo takes part in regular basic training with the animal care team, Tamara says "Bo is progressing well with his training, and has become very good at target training".

(photo right - Bo with his dad Babyface)
Photo of Bo with his parents Sija and  Babyface
Bo As a character, Bo is very chilled out and can be often spotted floating around the pool in a ring, a trait he has picked up from his mum Sija.

Bo has been on a diet this year, due to being a little greedy and is in fact rather fussy with his fish, having a specific love for mackerel!

(photo left - Bo)
To celebrate our two lovely resident´s birthdays, we are having 50% off adoption prices at the sanctuary from Friday 27th June - Sunday 29th June 2014. Adoptions will be an amazing £25.00 each or £50 for two.

Join us at the sanctuary this weekend and get involved with the celebrations! The animal care team will be treating the birthday boys with an ice block cake and there will be special additional talks throughout the weekend from our entertainments team.
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Issue Date: 24th June 2014