Most Rescued Pups Ever...At Seal Sanctuary

The Cornish Seal Sanctuary is caring for a record 47 rescued seal pups at one time as a result of the continuing storms.

The violent weather is resulting in a steady stream of casualties, including some with gashes and broken bones, and has also prevented the release of pups now fully recovered.

"We´ve never experienced such a prolonged period of stormy weather, and it´s happened right at the height of the grey seal pupping season," said animal care team leader Tamara Cooper.
Pups "We started taking in casualties back in September, but it has been from mid-October onwards that we´ve experienced the worst injuries."

"They included four with collapsed or ruptured eyes, three with broken jaws and one with broken ribs."

Remarkably, only two casualties succumbed to their wounds and the rest have made some "truly remarkable" recoveries, she added.
Though seven pups are now well enough to return to the wild, they cannot be safely freed until the weather improves.

"That means that while our indoor hospital is full of the most recent arrivals, the outdoor convalescence pools are also teeming," said Tamara.

She added that 60-per-cent of pups rescued this season have come in with puncture wounds, ranging from minor scratches to deep gashes undoubtedly resulting from the state of the seas.
Pup in hospital
Porthleven "If this weather doesn´t break soon, we will probably have our busiest rescue season ever, and certainly never have been more crowded," she added.

The rescued pups have munched their way through £30,000 worth of fresh fish so far this winter, and the Sanctuary also looked set to face record veterinary and medicine bills.

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
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Issue Date: 14th February 2014