"Summer" - Britain´s Most Devoted Single Mum?
Proud otter mum Summer - pictured here with her four young cubs at a Norfolk wildlife attraction - is a strong contender for the title "Britain´s most devoted single mum".

The cubs were only weeks old when her partner of just six months Brutus was diagnosed with a nasty tooth abscess.
Summer and her four young cubs
He and Summer had not left their holt at Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary for weeks, and by the time Brutus did emerge in obvious discomfort the infection had reached his brain. He was rushed to the vet´s but died shortly afterwards.
Summer with her cubs Distraught staff at the Sanctuary feared Summer would struggle to cope, but she has proved more than equal to the additional parental burden.

"Not only did she manage to carry twice as much food back to her hungry litter, she patiently dragged them back from the holt exit dozens of times every day until she was sure they were big and strong enough for the great outdoors," said animal care worker Hollie Stephenson.
"Now she has finally allowed them to venture outdoors she stays by them constantly.

"She´s been the perfect mother in every way," she added.

Christened Yorkie, Twix, Skittle and Smartie - three boys and one girl - the cubs are now delighting Sanctuary visitors with regular outdoor appearances.
One of the cubs with the pigeon
Issued by the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary
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Date: 15th May 2012
Captions - Summer with her cubs. ´Watch the birdie.´ These youngsters still have a lot to learn. You would think a pigeon would be no match for the needle-sharp teeth and raking claws of four hungry otter cubs...but when a stray racing pigeon dropped in at meal-time, they turned and fled.

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