Sunshine is coming to Cornwall!

With months of rain, wind and stormy weather throughout Cornwall, and the promise of Greek like weather, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek can now promise Sunshine for the foreseeable future!

Although it may not be the type of sunshine we´re all hoping for; it´s a Sunshine we all still want!

Sunshine (or Sunny as the team fondly calls him) is a gorgeous 18 months old Californian Sea Lion who will make the Cornish Seal Sanctuary his home.
Sea lions new home If you´ve been to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in recent weeks you will have noticed some of the pools surrounded by scaffolding and covered with tarpaulin; with great excitement they are delighted to tell you that Sunshine is coming!

Tamara Cooper, head of Animal Care says "Sunny was born at Wuppertal Zoo in Germany on 27th June 2012. He currently lives in a large group of sea lions and as he grows up will no longer be able to be housed with his mother and father due to breeding and competition within the group."
The team have been looking for a pool partner for André and when they heard about Sunny they were thrilled and couldn´t wait to get him onsite, and said he would be the perfect playmate for André.

The pool has been completely re-lined to allow the sea lions to glide in and out of the pool, Tamara says "something they love to do when they are playing!"

Photo right: André
Andre On his arrival, Sunny will be placed in the pool on his own so he knows his way around; but later André (photo left) will be moved from his current pool to this one.

Tamara says "A new annex area has been added to allow for safer keeper access and an escape area for Sunny to reduce any conflict between him and André whilst they establish their hierarchy."

Later André will also be allowed access into this area as a playroom!!

Photo left: André
"The pool also has new larger windows to improve viewing for our visitors.

André arrived in May 2009 from Chessington Zoo and he is approaching his 8th birthday, so this is a lovely gift for him too."

So even if the weather doesn´t look great, you will always find Sunshine at the Sanctuary!
Californian Sea Lion Enclosure

Press Release issued by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary
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Issue Date: 12th April 2014