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Seals return to the wild

Hunstanston SEA LIFE Sanctuary is returning five rescued seals to the wild on Saturday 26th of March 2005.

Cho Chang, Hermione, Hagrid and Dobby...all named after Harry Potter characters...and Bow, will all be given a boat ride to a sandbank in the Wash, close to a seal colony.

All five were rescued last summer, all having got separated from their mothers and ending up weak and hungry on the shoreline.

The Cambridge branch of the British Sub Aqua Club is lending a hand with two boats to take the fully recovered seals back to freedom.

Bow´s recovery will be good news for shoppers at Norfolk branches of Rainbow Co-op Food stores, who generous donations paid for her food and veterinary care.

Resident common seals, Sally and Amber, will not have to savour the extra space created by Saturday´s mass exodus, however.

They will be joined on Sunday (27th March 2005) by grey seal, Frosty, who is ready to move out of the indoor seal hospital, and by common seals Thunder and Lighting.

Photocall: The round-up prior to the release will begin at the Sanctuary at 8am on Saturday (26th March 2005) with the boats scheduled to depart Hunstanton slipway at 9am. For more details contact: Nigel Croasdale or Kieran Copeland on 01485 533576.

Press Release date: 23rd March 2005

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