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SEA LIFE Sanctuary unveils new ´Marine Hospital´

A brand new hospital just for fish opens shortly in Hunstanton.

The resort´s popular SEA LIFE Sanctuary has built a new £50,000 Marine Hospital in an extension at the rear of it's existing facilities.

It will comprise of four special wards:-

Maternity/Paternity ward - for pregnant fish including, in the case of seahorses and pipefish, pregnant dads! The ward will also include a ´hatchery´ where visitors can see eggs of sharks and rays in different stages of gestation;
Intensive Care - for any creature that falls ill or victim to parasites and needs to be isolated for treatment and observation;
Nursery - for new born hatchlings of a variety of species, from seahorses to jellyfish;
New Arrivals - for any incoming creatures which need to spend time in quarantine undergoing thorough health checks before going into the main public display area.

″Following our launch of the Tropical Shark Sanctuary two years ago, we have been taking in an increasing number of fish which have outgrown other aquariums,″ explained SEA LIFE boss Nigel Croasdale.

″This factor plus our own frequent breeding successes meant that we needed to extend our quarantine facilities, and by launching the Marine Hospital, we have achieved that objective and provided an additional attraction for our visitors.″

A small ´white board´ alongside each tank will be up-dated on a daily basis with the latest medical records of the creature or creatures featured.

Visiting times for the public will be the same as those for the Sanctuary - from 10am daily - and only the Intensive Care ward will be off limits.

″Even here, they´ll be able to see the patients through an observation window,″ said Nigel.


The new Marine Hospital could provide a great picture story.

Date:    Thursday 21st July 2005
Time:    10am
Venue:  Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary, Southern Promenade, Hunstanton.

For more details contact: Nigel Croasdale on 01485 533576.

Press Release date: 20th July 2005

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