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Baby boom in fishy maternity ward

A recently opened hospital for fish has got a bit of a rush on in its unique maternity ward!

Opened in June 2005, the Marine Hospital at Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary has special wards for pregnant fish including, in the case of seahorses and pipefish, pregnant dads!

It also includes a ´hatchery´ where visitors can see eggs of sharks and rays in different stages of gestation.

And it is here where the resident marine medics are coping with something of a baby boom at present.

′In recent weeks there has been a spate of births, and we now have 22 baby thronback rays and 14 lesser spotted nursehound sharks,′ said hospital administrator, alias SEA LIFE curator Kieran Copeland.

′We were confident that the purpose built nursery facilities in our new £50,000 hospital would result in a few happy events, but none of us were expecting a baby boom on this sort of scale.′

The newborn youngsters are thriving on a diet of shredded squid tentacles, brine shrimp and tiny mysis shrimp and ´Dr´ Copeland is happy to report that mums, dads and babies are all doing well.

The Marine Hospital also houses:-

  • Intensive Care - for any creature that falls ill or victim to parasites and needs to be isolated for treatment and observation.
  • New Arrivals - for any incoming creatures which need to spend time in quarantine undergoing thorough health checks before going into the main public display area.

A small ′white board′ alongside each tank is up-dated on a daily basis with the latest medical records of the creature or creatures featured.

Happily for those wanting to catch a glimpse of the new babies, visiting times for the public are the same as those for the Sanctuary - from 10am daily.

Only the ′Intensive Care′ ward is off limits, but even here there is an observation window visitors can use.

For more details contact: Nigel Croasdale on 01485 533576.

Press Release date: 13th October 2005

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