Polo was rescued by the RSPCA at Castle Martin in Devon. First impressions were that Polo was malnourished with a few superficial wounds to his flippers. But after arriving here at the Sanctuary, staff noticed Polo´s tummy was swollen and were rather worried. A period of vomiting proved that Polo had problems with his digestion.

Blood samples were taken from Polo to see what was happening with the cells in his blood, also a biochemical analysis to see if his liver and kidneys were functioning normally. The results showed some difficulties in these areas but nothing which have a poor prognosis for him, thankfully.

GUNVOR was rescued on 16th January 2000
Gunvor was rescued from Port Isaac on the 16th January 2000. He had suffered an injury to his eye. Eye problems are quite common with seals. They have huge bold eyes that are certainly vulnerable to infections, pollutants and debris floating around in the sea.

Once in our hospital he was treated with eye drops. Unfortunately his eye did not respond well to this sort of treatment, it closed for a short time, the treatment was changed and at present we are still treating the eye, hoping for improvement. If the eye does not improve there is a chance that we will have to remove it. He can still be released as seals do manage very well in the wild if they have 100% sight in one eye. It´s only when they do not have 100% in both eyes that they appear to have problems.

Update: 8th March 2000 - Gunvor is the only pup left in the hospital. He is due to have the stitches in his eye removed on the 7th of March 2000 and hopefully the eye will remain intact and will not need to be removed. Gunvor is a super little pup who has spent a long time recuperating in the hospital. He is a definite favourite with the staff!