Pluto - Rescued on 7th January 2007

Late on Sunday evening (7th of January 2007) as Clare was on her way home from work, she received a call from a member of the public about a seal at Port Loe. Clare headed out to the beach and arrived to find the pup sheltering under a boat that was moored on the beach. This pup was malnourished and had some wounds to rear hock and infection to the right eye.
The pup was quickly put into the cage and taken back to Gweek where Tamara was waiting to do the clinical assessment. The pup was weighed and found to be 17.5 kilos and was around 10-12 weeks old. The malnourished pup had wounds to his rear hock and nail bed. The right eye was also very swollen and red, a course of antibiotics and eye drops were prescribed. This pup is in isolation pen 2 and is a little boy and the Animal Care Team have called him Pluto.Pluto in the isolation pen - photo was taken by Rachael Vine on 7th January 2007
Hospital Update: 12th January 2007 - Pluto is doing ok apart from the infection in his eye. His eye is still looking red, and we believe he has lost the sight in that eye. With the treatment the infection should clear up, this means the Animal Care Team would not have to operate and remove the eye.
Pluto in the hospital - photo was taken on 3rd February 2007 Update: 3rd February 2007 - Pluto has now been moved in with Smurf; this should encourage Pluto to feed for his self. Unfortunately Smurf is not happy sharing a pen with a seal that is very vocal, and so bit Pluto on the lip. Luckily Pluto is ok, but is now a little quieter. Pluto's orange flipper tag number is 35.Pluto in the hospital pool - photo was taken on 3rd February 2007
Hospital Update: 23rd February 2007 - Pluto has been moved out of the hospital and down to the common seal pool. We don't think Flotsam, Jetsam and Little Ed (our common seals) are impressed by the arrival of Pluto from the hospital, as he makes rather a lot of noise. All three can be found waving their flippers at Pluto telling him to be quiet.
Hospital Update: 23rd March 2007 - Pluto has now been moved from the common seal pool into the convalescence pool.
Update: 17th July 2007 - Pluto along with Olive and Tiger Lilly were released back into the wild on Monday 16th of July 2007. A report was written by Megan Charity, aged 15, from Mullion Comprehensive School. She was at the National Seal Sanctuary for Work experience for two weeks; Megan was invited along to seal release. Click here to read Megan's wonderful report. Pluto up close - photo was taken by Rachael Vine and Megan Charity

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