Pink was rescued on 7th October 2012
Gender : Female

Location of Rescue : Polly Joke beach

Age at Rescue : ~5 weeks old

Weight at Rescue : 17 kilos

Reason for Rescue : Malnourished

Photo right was taken by James Margrett, click here to see a larger version of photo
Photo of Pink was taken by James Margrett
Update - 12th October 2012 : Pink is doing well in the main hospital pen number 4 and likes to play with the hose pipe when her pen is filling up with water.

Photo of Pink Update - 25th November 2012 : This photo of Pink was taken on 23rd November 2012.

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Pink is currently in the convalescence pool and putting on lots of weight.

Pink´s flipper tag number is 103 (red).
Update: 12th December 2012 - Pink along with Lulu, Paloma, Pavarotti and Cher were released back into the wild on 11th December 2012 at Gwithian.

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Photo right was taken by Simon Bone (
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