New arrival at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary!
Staff and visitors are very pleased to welcome the newest resident to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary - Pine the Humboldt Penguin.

Pine is the newest member of the Humboldt penguin colony and joins the four other comical characters in the Humboldt penguin enclosure.

Pine was born at the Weymouth SEA LIFE Centre, just like all of our penguins, and he was re-homed by the Sanctuary last month.

There was much anticipation surrounding Pine´s arrival, with all staff gathering to see how he would settle in and how Piran, Ivy, Gilbert and Lola would react.

Pine was anxious to escape from his carrier and greet his new family, diving straight into the pool! He hasn´t stopped swimming since!
The Resident Penguins welcoming Pine
The other penguins swam straight over to greet him and have accepted Pine well into the group, once Piran let him know who was boss! Piran and Gilbert are half-brothers to Pine, so it seems only right he should get bossed about by his older brothers.

The Animal Care Team are hoping Pine will take a shine to our cheeky female penguin Lola.

"Penguins are monogamous, so mate for life, sharing a very strong pair bond. Lola has had a tough time of it with a serious operation last year and no attention from other males, so the team are hoping she´ll finally settle down with Pine." says Animal Care Assistant Jenny.

Lola and Pine are both described as cheeky and sometimes naughty penguins, and both have very healthy appetites, so they definitely seem like the perfect match. Pine is settling in very well so it hopefully won´t be too long before love is in the air.

Press release by: The Cornish Seal Sanctuary
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Date: 7th November 2012