PILCHARD - Rescued on 10th November 2006

Photo of Pilchard was taken on 10th November 2006 by Rachael Vine On Friday 10th of November 2006, we received a phone call from the Watergate Bay area of Newquay, about a pup that was on the beach. Maz collected the rescue kit and cage and headed off to Newquay. Maz found the pup on the beach and discovered it was very malnourished and had a bad cough. After giving it fluids, Maz had to get it off the beach and back to the land rover to transport the pup to the Sanctuary.
Unfortunately the only way to get this pup back to the vehicle was to take a path through Jamie Oliver´s restaurant "Fifteen". Luckily the staff and managers were very kind in allowing us to do this but it did create a bit of a stir with the lunch time guests, who wondered what was going on.

Back at the Sanctuary, we put the pup into isolation 2 and did a clinical assessment, he weighed 15 kilos (underweight for his age) and about 5 weeks old. As well as being malnourished, with a bad cough (a sign of worms) he also had a snotty nose. The pup is a little boy and will be given fluids for the first 24 hours, before moving on to fish. "Pilchard" as he has been called is also receiving antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, multi vitamins and iron tablets.
Hospital Update: 17th November 2006 - Pilchard is also in the main hospital; he is still a little wheezy with a cough, but is eating fish, and has been given a bucket of water to play with. Pilchard´s press release. His orange flipper tag number is 15.

Hospital update: 15th December 2006 - Pilchard has been moved into the convalescence pool.
Pilchard in the hospital - photo was taken on 17th November 2006 by Rachael Vine
Pilchard in the convalescence pool - photo was taken on 30th December 2006 Update: 31st December 2006 - These photos of Pilchard were taken on Saturday 30th of December 2006 in the convalescence pool. Pilchard in the convalescence pool - photo was taken on 30th December 2006
Update: 26th March 2007 - Pilchard was released back into the wild on the 26th of March 2007 along with Narla, Woody, Pugwash and Yogi at Portreath.All the seal pups were keen to leave the trailer -  photo was taken by Rachael Vine
Pilchard in the wild - photo was taken by Sue Sayer of www.cornwallsealgroup.co.uk on 8th July 2007 Update: 6th May 2009 - Pilchard was spotted at a local haul-out along the north coast of Cornwall by Sue Sayer and Simon Bone on 8th July 2007, 2nd April 2008, 10th September 2008, 28th October 2008, 20th March 2009 and 20th April 2009.

(Sue and Simon are members of the Cornwall Seal Group who identifies and monitors local seals).