PIGLET was rescued on 23rd October 2001
Piglet, a rescued pup Piglet was originally rescued on the 23rd of October 2001 from Croyd in North Devon by the RSPCA. He was rescued in a malnourished state weighing just 10.5 kg at 4 weeks of age. Grey seals weigh around 14 kg at birth weight, this weight though is dramatically increased with extremely rich milk provided by the mother, and after 2-3 weeks the young pup can weigh as much as 50kg! Piglet may have been prematurely separated from his mother which would explain his malnourished state or, just finding life on his own very hard.
He was stabilised and treated at West Hatch RSPCA hospital in Taunton, Devon. Once feeding well and in good body condition, Piglet was transported here to the seal sanctuary where he is to put on more weight before being released back in the wild.

Piglet is being housed in an enclosure where we can monitor his feeding and weight. Once weighing 30kg, he will be introduced to the convalescent pool along with all the other seal pups. This will be the last stage in his rehabilitation.

UPDATE - He was released on 26th March 2002 with Puffa and Baramundi.
CYRIL-SNEER was rescued on 18th December 2001
Cyril, a rescued pupCyril sneer was rescued from Slapton Downs in Devon on the 18th December 2001 by the RSPCA. He was taken to West Hatch Wildlife hospital in Taunton for treatment as he was found to be malnourished and had a very nasty abscess to his back.

Cyril was cared for by the RSPCA for a while but unfortunately the centre takes in a lot of oiled birds at this time of year and was unable to look after him for long.
He arrived with us at the sanctuary on 27th December 2001 and was put into the hospital pens. Cyril´s abscess responded well to antibiotics and within a few weeks of treatment he was fully recovered and ready to progress to the outside pools.

UPDATE - Released on the 11th May 2002. Sadly we received a call on the 13th May 2002 to say he had been found dead.