The Penguin Sanctuary is home to a family of rare Humboldt Penguins.
The name Humboldt came from the early European explorer who first saw these animals.

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[Humboldt Penguin]
Humboldts are flightless marine birds, which is true of all penguins, and are very well suited to their natural environment around the coastal areas of Peru and Chile. Humboldt´s wings operate effectively as narrow flippers, making them very agile and speedy swimmers.
In the water they cruise at a speed of around 5 miles per hour, rising to 10 mph if they are hunting
or fleeing predators.
Humboldts are under threat from natural predators such as sharks but mankind has also had a big impact through fishing and disruption of habitats. [Humboldt Penguin] There are only around 10,000 Humboldts left in the wild and estimates suggest they could be extinct within 10 years unless action is taken.
The Sanctuary´s Humboldts were bred in captivity at a wildlife park in Yorkshire and we hope that providing them with a permanent home at the Sanctuary will provide a great opportunity to teach people more about these wonderful creatures and in time, they hope that the penguins will breed to further protect the dwindling numbers in the wild. [Humboldt Penguin]

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