Penfold - Rescued on 26th October 2006

On Thursday afternoon (26th of October 2006) the Sanctuary received a phone call from Sam, a member of the public, concerned about a seal at Prussia Cove. Rachael who was heading home decided to swing round the Cove to find out the pups´ condition, to see if it needed our help. She got down to the beach to find a tiny seal, obviously malnourished, dehydrated and under weight. Rachael called the Sanctuary who sent out Sarah with the land rover and cage to pick up the pup. With Sarah on her way, and the tide fast approaching we needed to get the pup off the beach. Help was on hand from member of the public, who provided a sheet to put the pup in to get it up the cliff, and the gentlemen and ladies who helped carry it to the awaiting vehicle.
We took the pup back to Gweek and put him into isolation 2. Gnasher who was in that pen was quickly moved to hospital pen 1, and Magnet was put in with Ronnie. The pup turned out to be a little boy, and weighed only 14 kilos. He had puncture wounds to his flippers, malnourished and was dehydrated. The pup was given fluids, treated and named Penfold. This pup is expected to have a short stay in the hospital and progressing quickly.Penfold in the isolation pen in hospital - photo was taken by Rachael Vine
Penfold in the hospital - photo was taken by Rachael VineHospital update: 27th October 2006 - Penfold seems to be alright after his journey yesterday,
and will be started on fish later on today or first thing tomorrow.

Hospital Update: 17th November 2006 - Penfold has been moved out of the main hospital, and now eating all the fish in the nursery pool and is putting on weight very fast. His orange flipper tag number is 12.
Penfold in the convalescence pool - photo was taken on 30th December 2006Hospital update: 1st December 2006 - Penfold has been moved into the convalescence pool.

Update: 31st December 2006 - These photos of Penfold were taken on Saturday 30th of December 2006 in the convalescence pool.
Penfold in the convalescence pool - photo was taken on 30th December 2006
Roo, Ronnie, Daisy, Gnasher and Penfold in the trailer - Photo was taken by Rachael VineUpdate: 4th February 2007 - Penfold was released back into the wild on the 22nd of January 2007 along with Roo, Ronnie, Daisy and Gnasher at Porthtowan. Penfold and Gnasher - Photo was taken by Rachael Vine
Update: 20th June 2007 - Kirsten, Gerhard, Sabine and Christoph Teryngel from Munich were on holiday in Cornwall in early June 2007. On Wednesday 6th they visited the seal sanctuary in the morning and in the afternoon, the family went on to a beach in Hayle and the children went for a swim. A seal came up close to them, and they saw it had flipper tag with a number 12 on it, when they returned home, they checked this page to find it was Penfold.