Species : Common (harbour) Seal

Date Admitted : 6th July 2012

Sex : Male

Found : Hunstanton beach

Pendle was found on Hunstanton beach after being abandoned by his mum.
Pendle - 16th October 2012
Pendle was one of the heaviest seals that the Animal Care Team at Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary have rescued this year. He likes to sleep on his back most of the day and is one of the laziest seals at the rescue centre. He currently weighs 14 kilos.

Update: 31st July 2012 - Pendle has been very poorly recently, swab results from his head injury showed up a very nasty bacteria which the team has been tirelessly trying to cure him off! Fingers crossed he´s looking better now, and he weighs a healthy 18 kilos so now we just have to teach him to catch his own fish. Pippa has been helping members of the Animal Care Team, and the pair of them are enjoying playing with each other!
Pendle - 16th October 2012 Update: 20th October 2012 - This very cute pup Pendle is still in the hospital and being looked after by the Animal Care Team.

Photos (left & above) of Pendle were taken on
16th October 2012.     Click here to see a collage of photos of Pendle.

Update: 6th December 2012 - Pendle is still in the hospital, but has been moved to the weaning pool where he is starting to eat fish on his own without the help of the Animal Care Team
Update: 28th February 2013 - Pendle is now a resident. Click here to see the latest photos of Pendle.

His thyroid level dropped too low to be released back to the wild so Pendle will be on life-long treatment to maintain his level.

When it drops Pendle loses his appetite and becomes lethargic which in the wild would mean he would become malnourished and the Sanctuary do not want to release a seal back into the wild with a health problem that is serious, so he is staying at the Sanctuary.
Pendle Update: 30th August 2017 - Pendle was moved to Scarborough SEA LIFE Sanctuary in North Yorkshire in July 2017. Here are some photos of Pendle in his new home with the rest of the resident seals, Bruno, Mando, Ed, Herbie and Bubbles taken in August 2017, he has settled in really well.

Pendle Pendle Pendle

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