PAULINE was rescued on 2nd December 2003
Pauline arrived at the sanctuary on the 2nd of December. She was rescued from Porth Helstock where she was found laying behind some boats. She came to us malnourished and wounded on both her sides. With a grey coat, she had been weaned off her mother´s milk and was having difficulty starting to feed for herself. She must have been in a great deal of pain with the wounds on her sides and this wouldn´t have helped when she was trying to catch fish. Pauline - a grey seal pup
Pauline - a grey seal pupUpon arrival we rehydrated her for 24 hours and cleaned her wounds. She is now being fed a small amount of fish every 4 hours. She has been given antibiotics for her wounds and is having them cleaned regularly.
Update - 18th June - Pauline was released with Ragwort with the help of Brian Blessed and Captain Keith and his crew of Orca Sea faris.