Pallin was rescued on 3rd October 2008

PallinPallin was found in Bude on the 3rd October 2008, he was 8 days old but weighed 35 kilos. He had a couple of old wounds which were slowly healing and a graze to his right eye. Apart from these old wounds he was in OK health, but he had been abandoned by his mum so he had to come in to the Sanctuary.
Pallin received fluids for the first few days before moving on to milk.
Update: 10th October 2008 - Pallin is now in water and nearly moulted and is self feeding, he is even eating fish tail first and should be moved to the nursery pools next week.

Update: 24th October 2008 - Pallin´s back flipper has been tagged with red No. 004 and he can be found in the outside nursery pools 1 and 2. Pallin now weighs an incredible 38 kilos, give this boy a few more weeks and he will be ready to be released back into the wild.
PallinUpdate: 7th November 2008 - Pallin had to be wormed this week as he had developed a little cough, but is still putting on the weight and at 42 kilos is above release weight. He is now the convalescent pool.

Update: 24th November 2008 - These photos of Pallin were taken on 15th November 2008 in the convalescent pool. Palling is eating all the fish and is above release weight and doing well.
PallinUpdate: 19th December 2008 - Pallin was released back into the wild on the 2nd of December 2008 at Church Cove. Pallin