Sausage arrived on 24th June 2006

Sausage was found on her own by a concerned gentleman who saw that she was being harassed by some cattle. He thought that he would move her to safety by taking her further up the beach, unfortunately this changed her scent so her mother would not have been able to recognise her so she had to come into the Sanctuary. She was observed for 24 hours to see if her mother would come back but there was no sign of her so marine mammal medic kindly brought her in to the Sanctuary on 24th of June 2006.
Update: October 2006 - Sausage has been a healthy well behaved pup during her time here and has been doing really well. At the last weigh on the 17th of October 2006 Sausage was a very healthy 27kg so we are looking at her release being mid November 2006.
Update: 6th November 2006 - Sausage has been doing well and is certainly full of character. When the pups were getting weighed and prepared for release she kept going up to the pups in the weighing cage and waving her flipper at them. Unfortunately this did mean that she kept getting in the way of the Animal Care Team! When she was weighed later on the 1st November she was a healthy 25 kilograms. As with Creran, we expect her to put on a lot more weight over the next few weeks as there are fewer mouths to feed in the pools now.
Update: 7th December 2006 - Sausage was weighed on the 6th of December 2006 and was a very healthy 32kg. She’s just waiting for Brotchen and Creran to top up their weight and then she will be released back into the wild.
Update: 28th April 2007 - Sausage along with Creran and Brotchen were released back into the wild at the end of March 2007. Sausage´s release weight was 30kg. The release of the three seals went really well with all seals going into the water shortly after being let out of the transport boxes, they played in the shallows for a while before venturing off into the deeper waters to explore their new home.

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