OLLI was rescued on 26th October 1999
Olli was rescued from Cape Cornwall on the 26th October 1999. He had been spotted by a member of the public on quite a busy beach moving very awkwardly over some large rocks.

His mother was nowhere to be seen and he was already drawing the attention of dogs being walked along the beach.

A member of the Animal Care team attended the call out and found herself with a very difficult decision to make.
Olli in our convalescence pool
Despite being all on his own, Olli appeared in very good condition, he was extremely plump, and showed no visible signs of injury or illness. Olli clearly had a mother out there somewhere who was feeding him on a regular basis as he weighed in at 22kg at 1½ weeks (birth weight is 14 kg). Olli was picked up because his mother would not return to feed him whilst people were present. There was also a chance he would have been injured by one of the many dogs interested in him.

The sanctuary staff were dismayed that Olli had to be ´rescued´ as white coated pups are very difficult to bottle feed. Sure enough Olli would not accept a bottle and subsequently had to be stomach- tube-feed every four hours until he was ready to be weaned. This is something which Olli found both distressing and uncomfortable. He is slowly starting to eat fish by himself and he will soon be moved down to the convalescence pool.

We cannot stress enough the importance of waiting for suitably trained people to assess a wild animal before it is touched.

Once feeding on fish Olli was moved out into a nursery pool where he loved the company of Precious, a female pup. Olli's tag in his rear flipper has unfortunately been pulled out by another pup who has chased him in the pool and bitten it. The hole is healing well and Olli will be ready to release in a few weeks.

PRECIOUS was rescued on 30th October 1999
Precious was rescued by the Lifeboat men of Padstow on the 30th of October 1999, who spotted her down a sheer cliff being smashed into the cliff face. There were very high seas and the crew of Padstow lifeboat were already out assisting a fishing boat in distress. Two men managed to get Precious into a fishing box and hauled her up onto the lifeboat station.

She was kept on a leash as she may have got in the way of the winch in the boat house! Suffering from multiple wounds and grazes to her tiny body she was given emergency first aid and treatment in the lifeboat house by Sanctuary staff, before being transported back to the hospital, finally arriving in her isolation pen at 1am the following morning!
Precious in our convalescence pool
Precious has done very well at the Sanctuary and is a beautiful seal who is already very wary of people. She can swim extremely fast when frightened and darts through the water at speed. She has bumped her flipper on the side of the pool and it is a little swollen at present. She will be monitored closely over the new few days to see if any swelling develops.