OLIVE - Rescued on 4th January 2007

On Thursday 4th of January 2007, the Sanctuary received a telephone call from a member of the public about a seal at Port Loe. Abi headed out with cage and rescue kit to find the pup. The pup was found on the beach to be malnourished with wounds to body and flippers and was brought back to Gweek for treatment.
Back at the Sanctuary a clinical assessment revealed that the pup was malnourished and weighed 20.5 kilos and was about 8 weeks old. It had wounds to body and flippers, a graze to top and bottom lip plus its chin, and an ulcer to its eye. The pup has been put on a course of antibiotics and eye drops and also some anti inflammatories as one of the flippers is a little swollen. This pup is a little girl and been called Olive.Olive in the isolation pen - photo was taken by Rachael Vine
Hospital Update: 12th January 2007 - Olive has had her second bloods taken, and has now turned aggressive towards the people trying to treat her. It now takes two people to go into her enclosure and treat her, but her wounds are healing well.

Update: 26th January 2007 - Olive has now been moved outside to join the common seals (Flotsam, Jetsam and Little Ed).
Olive in the convalescence pool - photo was taken on 3rd February 2007 Update: 7th February 2007 - These photos of Olive were taken on Saturday 3rd of February 2007 in the convalescence pool.

Olive´s orange flipper tag number is 34.
Olive in the convalescence pool - 3rd February 2007
Update: 27th April 2007 - Olive, is back in the hospital, pen number 3, after suddenly losing a lot of weight, we are unsure what is causing this as blood results have come back clear, so the Animal Care Team will worm her to rule out this problem.
Update: 4th May 2007 - Olive is now in with the Common seals, we are unsure what was wrong with her, results all clear and she is putting the weight back on. It may have been because her was having an early moult.
Olive underwater - photo was taken on 26th May 2007 Update: 29th May 2007 - These photos of Olive were taken in the convalescence pool on Saturday 26th of May 2007. She is doing very well and will be released back into the wild soon. Olive - photo was taken on 26th May 2007
Olive - photo was taken by Rachael Vine and Megan Charity Update: 17th July 2007 - Olive along with Tiger Lilly and Pluto were released back into the wild on Monday 16th of July 2007. A report was written by Megan Charity, aged 15, from Mullion Comprehensive School. She was at the National Seal Sanctuary for Work experience for two weeks; Megan was invited along to seal release. Click here to read Megan's wonderful report.

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