Herbie had to see the vet due to a swollen shoulder 4 weeks after he came in but after an X-Ray found nothing to worry about he was put on anti-inflammatory and antibiotics, it soon eased up and the decision was made for him to be moved to the weaning pool so he could exercise the shoulder and take some weight off it.herbie, rescued grey pup seal
herbie, rescued grey pup seal Herbie moved into the main seal pools on Monday 4th of December 2006. He was a little bit unnerved by the high winds we have been experiencing and does like to go wandering around the area but is settling in now and loves all the attention he is getting from his adoring public! As you can see he has nearly lost his white coat except around his back flippers.
herbie, rescued grey pup sealUpdate: 28th April 2007 - These photos of Herbie were taken earlier today in the outdoor seal encounters pool. He will be released back into the wild soon. Herbie´s orange flipper tag number is 90. herbie, rescued grey pup seal
Update: 12th June 2007 - Herbie was released back in to the wild with General Lee on 9th of May 2007. He sat quietly in his box whilst in the van although that could be put down to the fact that General Lee managed to escape his box and was found sitting on top of Herbies! Once at the release site, he got a lot more active and once released, he hung around for a little to investigate before disappearing into the open water.
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