General Lee - rescued on 5th November 2006
General Lee was found at Dunnet Bay at the age of approximately 3 weeks old on the 5th of November 2006. He was found by a member of British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) who then organised the transport for him to get down to our nursery. After the vet examined him he was put on anti-biotic treatment and progressed nicely. He was a weaned pup so he had lost most of his white coat. He had to come in because he was a very weak and thin pup with various puncture wounds which had become infected. General Lee, rescued grey pup seal
What we think happened is that after his mother left him he didn´t quite get the hang of feeding for himself and lost loads of weight. Because of his weak condition the other seals probably hassled him and that´s how he acquired his puncture wounds. He is a very curious and playful pup. He is a pup that prefers to have company and gets a bit upset when he is alone without friends to play with and things to do. He is enjoying being outside and likes to explore the surroundings.
General Lee, rescued grey pup sealUpdate: 28th April 2007 - These photos of General Lee were taken earlier today in the outdoor seal encounters pool. He will be released back into the wild soon. General Lee´s orange flipper tag number is 88. General Lee, rescued grey pup seal
Update: 12th June 2007 - General Lee was released back into the wild with Herbie on 9th of May 2007. All went very well and General Lee even decided to start his own self-release programme. Up to Fort William both seals were contained in their transport boxes although by the time the team got to the release site, General Lee had managed to escape and was sitting on top of Herbies´ box! Determined not to be put back into the box, he had to be directed straight to the water and once there, there was no stopping him!
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