Eigg arrived on 16th June 2006

Eigg, rescued common pup sealEigg was found on the Isle of Eigg by a member of the public. He was monitored for 2 days hoping that his mother would return, unfortunately she did not and so our first rescue pup arrived at the centre on the 16th of June 2006 aged approximately 4 days old and weighing 8.6kg. Eigg has progressed well despite a setback when an ulcer was found on his eye. This is possibly due to some energetic playing with other pups.
UPDATE: October 2006
Eigg is now doing well, at his last weigh he was 30kgs on the 17th October 2006.
UPDATE: 6th November 2006
It seems only right that the first pup to come to us should be the first to leave. He weighed 31kgs just before release which is a nice and healthy weight to be heading out to the wild. Eigg was released back into the wild on 1st of November 2006.

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