Creran arrived on 16th July 2006

Creran was the last pup to come in on the 16th of July 2006 and had beautiful markings; she was almost silver in colour. She was found just around the corner from the Sanctuary near the Marina. The people that found her requested that she be called Creran after the Loch Creran where she was found. She came in to us this and dehydrated, at a week old she weighed just 7kg. During her time here she has been a bit of a slow learner, she liked being hand fed the fish more than actually eating for herself in the Weaning Pool. Once she realised that she was on her own and lonely she soon started to eat properly and then she went out to the main pools with the other pups.
Update: October 2006 - At the last weigh on 17th of October 2006, Creran was a lot smaller than the other pups and got nicknamed the supermodel of the bunch; she weighed 21kg so we are looking at her release being mid November 2006.
Update: 6th November 2006 - On the 1st of November 2006, Creran was still too small to be released; she still only weighs 21.5 kilograms and is still the smallest pup of the bunch. She is doing well, eating and playing away with the rest of them. With less pups being in the pool, so less competition being around we hope for her to gain weight a lot faster now and hope to see her getting released by the end of November 2006.
Update: 7th December 2006 - Creran is doing well in the main pools. As she had such a difficult time to begin with, she will never be a huge pup but she is putting weight on gradually and we estimate she will be released in a couple of weeks or so. On the 6th of December 2006, she weighed in at 25.5kg.
Update: 28th April 2007 - Creran along with Sausage and Brotchen were released back into the wild at the end of March 2007. Creran´s release weight was 32kg. The release of the three seals went really well with all the seals going into the water shortly after being let out of the transport boxes, they played in the shallows for a while before venturing off into the deeper waters to explor their new home.

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