Beans and Toast

Beans and Toast were spotted on the old railway track near Castle Stalker on 26th of June 2006. They were quite far from the water and after being observed for 24 hours it was decided that they should come in. It is thought that they were playing together in the water and got hungry so hauled out and waited for their mothers but they could not find them. After the initial assessment, it was decided that Beans was approximately 2 days old and Toast was 3 days old. Beans was 11.5kg and Toast was 9.4kg. We think that Toast was away from her mother for a bit longer as she was older but thinner than Beans.
UPDATE: October 2006
These two pups bonded very well and were in the same pen for quite a while. Beans did very well though and went out into the main pools a bit sooner than Toast. When they were reunited, they immediately started to play together again. At the last weigh Beans was 27.8kg and Toast was the fattest pup of them all at 32kg! They will both be released over the period of November 2006.
UPDATE: 6th November 2006
Beans was the smallest pup to be released out of this group but should still do well. Beans weighed in at 30kilograms and was ready to go so the Animal Care Team decided to release her.

Toast weighed a grand total of 32.5 kilograms, not quite the biggest pup. On getting released Toast swam out part of the way and then looked back at the Team as if to say ´Should I really be heading out this way?´ With some encouragement from the shore Toast swam away to a new life.
Beans and Toast were released back into the wild on 1st of November 2006.

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