News Update for Winter 2012
Winter Fun Day
The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary held their annual Winter Wonderland Fun Day on Sunday 18th November 2012.

Once again the Winter Fun Day was very popular with Bouncy Castles, Christmas Craft Market, Chainsaw Carving Demonstrations, Face Painting, Birds of Prey, Fun and Games throughout the Centre and even Santa Claus´s Grotto with the man himself making an appearance. Click here to see the poster.
Winter Wonder Fun Day
Rescued Seal Pup
This pup arrived at the centre on 3rd November 2012 after seemingly being abandoned by his mum at Campbeltown.

The seal pup´s rescuers kept him overnight in a car boot until the SSPCA collected him and delivered him to the Sanctuary´s hospital.

For the first few days after the pup´s arrival, he was fed every 4 hours by the animal care team even during the night.
Pup in the hospital
Members of the Animal Care Team reckon the pup was about one month old when he arrived, he was moulting out of his fluffy white baby coat and was therefore in a dry hospital cubicle until the moult was complete.

The Sanctuary had asked the public to bid for the privilege of naming their newest rescued seal pup...and going along when he is released back to the wild next spring.

The pup has been officially named Zebby.

Zebby is currently in the hospital´s weaning pool and will be moved outside to the pool soon.
Zebby in the weaning pool
Interesting Facts
Octopuses are highly intelligent, likely more so than any other order of invertebrates.

Octopuses have three hearts. Two branchial hearts pump blood through each of the two gills, while the third pumps blood through the body.

Octopuses are characterised by their eight arms, usually bearing suction cups.

Photo below: Lesser Octopuses
Lesser Octopuses
Two new Residents
Lora has two new resident friends, she was joined by Macey and Pippa who were transferred from the Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary in Norfolk in October 2012 after being rescued earlier this year in May and June.

Macey (photo below) was Hunstanton´s first rescued seal of the season on 27th May, she was an ex-rehab from a different Sanctuary, riddled with worms and massively underweight at 16kg. Macey had only been released back into the wild earlier this year by another rescue centre in January weighing 30kg, but she had a badly infected wound on her mouth that likely affected her ability to catch and eat fish.

Click here to read more about Macey.
Just like Macey, Pippa (photo below) was also a rescued seal pup, she was found on a beach at Snettisham in Norfolk on 6th June after being abandoned by her mum.

Click here to read more about Pippa.
The reason why Macey and Pippa will remain at the Scottish SEA LIFE Centre is she has a permanent thyroid condition and will need regular medication for the rest of her life.
New Cook Book
Just to let you all know that the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary have created their very own Creran Cook Book for only £3.00 (plus £1.99 for P&P).

This would make a great Christmas or Birthday present.

If you would like to buy a copy, please send a cheque made payable to "The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary" for £4.99 including P&P or contact the centre direct on 01631 720386.
Creran Cook Book
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If you Discover a Seal Pup in the Wild!
DO keep your distance - If the pup has a fluffy white coat it still needs it´s mother. She will only return to feed her pup when she feels it is safe to do so.

DON´T attempt to handle the pup - It is a wild animal, it may bite and can carry infectious diseases. The mother may reject the pup if it is handled.

DON´T attempt to put the pup in the sea - It may be out of the water for a good reason.

DON´T ignore the situation - If the pup is thin, injured or seems unwell (noisy breathing, coughing, runny nose) it probably needs help.
Seal Pup in the wild
DO tell an appropriate organisation - Telephone the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary on 01631 720386 or your nearest SSPCA or RSPCA Officer. Wherever you live around the world, check out your nearest rescue organisation. Be ready to get help when you discover an injured animal.