Update June 2007

Grey Seal Pups released back into the wild on 9th May 2007

General Lee was released back into the wild with Herbie. All went very well and General Lee even decided to start his own self-release programme. Up to Fort William both seals were contained in their transport boxes although by the time the team got to the release site, General Lee had managed to escape and was sitting on top of Herbies' box! Determined not to be put back into the box, he had to be directed straight to the water and once there, there was no stopping him!

Herbie was released back in to the wild with General Lee. He sat quietly in his box whilst in the van although that could be put down to the fact that General Lee managed to escape his box and was found sitting on top of Herbies! Once at the release site, he got a lot more active and once released, he hung around for a little to investigate before disappearing into the open water.

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