Spring 2011 News Update
The Turtle Sanctuary opened with it´s initial residents including an Australian Snake-Necked Turtle, Yellow Bellied Sliders and 18 ´illegal immigrants´ - Mississippi Map Turtles that were seized by Customs Official after they arrived in the UK without the necessary documentation. It is hoped that the centre´s stocks can be used to boost the population numbers of endangered Turtle species.
Photos from left to right - Mississippi Map Turtles and Snake-Necked Turtle
From left to right - Mississippi Map Turtles and Snake-Necked Turtle
Our weird and wonderful zone has been revamped with new and exciting features including scar, archerfish, sea apples and horseshoe crabs just to name a few joining
our monster Japanese Spider Crab.
Brendan has now adapted to his new home overlooking the stunning views of Loch Creran. Since arriving he seems to have certainly clicked with Lora, and they do get on very well with each other (like they have known each other for years).

With the hot weather arriving earlier than planned this year, Brendan seems to be not wanting to participate in his training sessions but spends his time on the rocks.
Either way, he is very happy in his new home!
Our resident otters tied the knot It wasn´t only Prince William and Kate who got married. Our two resident otters Lewis and Isla have tied the knot during a Royal Celebration which was attended by many.

Staff here at the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary thought it was about time...after all they have been together 4 years now.
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A new lesser Octopus has arrived here at the Sanctuary and is always seem swimming about.

We all know how sometimes our Great Pacific Octopus likes to hide, well this one certainly doesn´t and always likes to put himself on display. A bit of an exhibitionist some may say!
An image of a Giant Pacific Octopus
A new member of our Animal Care team will be arriving. Local to the area Inned McDonald Allan will be joining the team here at the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary as we bid a fond farewell to Hannah Thomas as we wish her all the best with pastures new.
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