News Update for October 2007

Resident Seals

Lorne is looking stunning in his new coat and appears to have lost a few years with all that algae! He is the most energetic then he has been in a while and is loving all the commotion he is causing. At the feeds he is hauling out and following the teams every move until they give up and feed him, after this he 'rewards' them by roly-polying back into the pool splashing as much as possible on the way.

Lora is doing well competing against Lorne and his antics and is also hauling out to be hand fed. At times both seals are on the haul out demanding to be fed which can of course be a little distracting. Lora is piling on the pounds and now weighs 23kg. Every time someone enters the enclosure she follows them around hoping for fish and will sometimes even follow visitors hoping for an extra treat.

Now that it is quieter and there are no pups in the main pools, the team can spend more time with the residents and are hoping to start playing with them more and even start to target train them to try and make examinations a lot easier for us and less stressful for them. We are hoping to start this training as soon as our rescued pups, Jelena and Ellen have been released.


Fingal and Sula, our otters, are doing really well and seem to be enjoying playing and foraging outside despite the horrible weather. They are now both relaxed and settled with the new team and even Sula is edging ever so slightly closer to the staff at feeding times taking the occasional chick from our hands.

Now that it is quieter the team can spend more time with the residents and we plan to start more enrichment exercises with them to keep them entertained and more active as the weather starts to get colder.

The Pups

It has taken a while but Jelena has finally got the idea and has started to take whole fish from the pool herself. Once she has reached 20kg, she will be moved to the main pools joining Lorne and Lora. At the moment she weighs 15kg.

Ellen is still being hand fed although she is being a lot more compliant about it now. She's opening her mouth and being a lot less awkward at feeding time. Once she starts to take the fish from us without being forced, she can then move on to the next stage where she is encourage to take the fish from the pool on her own. She has already been seen watching Jelena eating from the water so hopefully she will follow suit soon. At the moment she weighs 14kg.

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