A few changes at the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary

There have been quite a few changes at the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary since January 2006.

Heather MacPherson, the Adoption Coordinator decided to leave the Sanctuary. The adoptions have now been taken over by Myra Jameson.

James Dyer has gone on to new projects now; we all hope that everything works out well for him and that his animal conservation work goes from strength to strength.

We have a new Aquarist called Ben Houston who after travelling around Africa has decided to come back to Scotland.

The new Attraction Manager is Richard Cooper who has come over from Edinburgh Dungeons and the new Operations Manager is Claire Rowlands who has come from the Royal Armouries in Leeds to join the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary.

All of the Grey Seal Pups were successfully released at the beginning of May 2006 to the joy of the Animal Care Team. We all hope they are still out there being healthy and wild. Prior to their release they were tagged with unique numbers so that if they do for any reason happen to show up again then they are able to be traced.

Our first Common seal pup of the season came in during June 2006. Throughout the season we have had nine seal pups come in and unfortunately one of them passed away during the night one week after arrival. Porridge was a very tiny pup when she came in and all of the staff on site were upset when she didn´t survive. However, the remaining eight pups are all doing well and we hope to release them at the end of October through to mid November 2006.

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