News Update for November 2011
Winter Wonderland
We held our Winter Wonderland Fun Day which was a great day on November 20th. This brought in
650 people.
Winter Wonderland Funday
We had a craft fair in the coffee shop, Mr and Mrs Claus in their grotto, Chainsaw carving demonstrations and much much more. A fun day was had by all.
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Rescue Pup
Holly Holly is coming along just fine. She is putting on weight every day and currently weighs almost 20kg (doubled her weight since arriving at the sanctuary). She will be hopefully moving outside to the outside pools with Lora and Brendan (photo inserts) within the next two weeks.
Lora and Brendan will teach Holly how to become a seal and care for herself before she is released back into the wild.
We are currently looking after a species of Axolotl which are endangered. They have bred and laid eggs and we are hoping to rear these and supply them to other Aquariums and zoos around the UK so none have to be taken from the wild in the future. Hopefully be part of a breeding programme to reintroduce these back to the wild.

Conger Eels
Our three conger eels have moved to a larger home and are displaying fantastically well for the visitors.
Lewis and Isla
Lewis and Isla are still getting on well. Lewis looks festively plump at the moment and are loving running around in the snow now it has hit Scotland.
Lora and Brendan
Lora and Brendan over the winter will be trialling different training methods to be able to teach them new things.
Our Cuttlefish has laid eggs; we will rear the young and send these to our quarantine department to be able to distribute across the
UK sites.
A Baby Cuttlefish

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