News Update for June 2009
our 30th Anniversary
During the weekend of 20th and 21st of June 2009, we celebrated our 30th Anniversary.

The centre was originally opened in 1979, the year when Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister.
To help to celebrate, we had bagpipes, bouncey castle, face painting....Click here to see a selection of photos taken during the weekend!

One hundred special bottles of Oban whisky, engraved with the SEA LIFE logo plus 30th Anniversary 2009, were up for grabs in return for a minimum £5 donation to SEA LIFE's conservation partner charity the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.
Lora and Lilly
Lilly Lora and Lilly (photo left), our resident common seals, are doing
really well and enjoying the quiet time without the rescued seal pups.

We are in the middle of the common seals breeding season and injured pups will come here for their treatment and rehabilitation, ready to be released back into the wild!
Lewis and Isla
Isla and Lewis are doing really well. As you can see from the photo below of Isla, she does like eating her food.
Become a Sponsor
Every year, The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary, rescues, rehabilitates, and releases injured and abandoned seal pups from around the coast of Scotland. Saving these unfortunate creatures from certain death requires a high degree of care and commitment.

By choosing to become a sponsor, your valuable contribution will ensure that your sponsored seal is given the best chance of making a full recovery which will enable it to safely return home to the wild.

Click here for more details.
Seahorses DisplayJuvenile Ray Spider Crab
Seahorses DisplayJuvenile RaySpider Crab
If you have any photos of your visit to the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary that you would like to submit to the gallery, please email them to us. To view our Visitor's Photos Gallery click here.

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