News Update for January 2012
Rescued Seal Pup
Holly (photo insert), a grey seal pup, is doing great and has put on loads of weight and is now ready to be released. Innes feeding Holly
She will be released the week after February´s Half Term back into the wild with a green tag on her left flipper so we can identify her should she decide to come and
visit us again.    Photo above: Innes feeding Holly.

Weird & Wonderful Tank
Porcupine Puffer Fish The main tank in weird and wonderful has been rethemed and is no longer a cold water tank and is tropical with a 5 foot diver immersed in there. This is to home our lionfish along with their new friends of Porcupine Puffer Fish (photo left) and Moray Eels.
We have been in talks with the SSPCA and the four Mississippi Map Turtles were found in Broxburn in a tub with fish. The Turtles will become residents here from February onwards.
These have been named after The Beatles (John, Paul, George and Ringo).
This was featured on the
"BBC News" website,
click here to read.
Mississippi Map Turtles
A new Playpark
The playpark is having a complete overhaul so on the wet and rainy days this year there will be no more lost wellies!
Local School Children

We have also had local school children in from Barcaldine Primary School who have filmed a short documentary on Seal Rescue which will be featured on the GLOW Resource Website for schools around Scotland. This will also be featured on the Deep Blue website which is a website being launched by the Scotland Zoological Society.